A letter to my mother ♥

“Ain’t no woman alive that could take my mama’s place”



God, I want to take a minute not to ask for anything but simply thank you for the mother you gave me. 

How do I start this with out crying or making you cry. First of I had to put your favorite flowers on there, just for you momma. I’m starting to see why you love them, too beautiful. Here goes….

Dear Momma,

   Scroll up to my blog tittle, stare at it for while. You see my blog tittle? That’s all you Momma. You are my WHY. You deserve more than you receive.  The little one you call grandson (Moon Pie) knows you as Mommaw, and you’re my Momma. I know this tittle is meant to be. So I get why you keep head up high and never let anything bring you down. You wont let your crown fall, because of who you are I wont let my crown tilt. Everything I know, you taught me and more. You are my Queen, my everything momma. Never forget that!

The day I held my son for the first time I fell in-love all over again. I cried to you and said “Mom I love him so much. I never thought I could love anyone this much so fast.” As you put your arms around my head and said “I know mija, and you will never stop loving him.” Then you kissed my forehead. We both looked down and stared unto your first grandson, my first child. That moment I looked back at you and I knew I want to be like you, and i am. I know I am doing it right because I have you as an example.

   With only 2 years under my belt this thing called motherhood I understand so many things now. I can’t believe it has been 2 years now!

I understand why you called my aunts and brag about us and tell them our drama (problems i was going through as a teenager, eye rolls!) and achievements. Duh! We are your world of course you did. I understand why you keep every awards and papers you received. They are memories and i know we cant go back in time to relive it and get back time. So you kept it. I get why it hurts so much to be a parent. Its like your heart walks outside of you. I understand why you leave all of your problems in Gods hands. You pray so much and relied on our mighty God. So will I. The pain you felt seeing me in pain in any situation. You never gave up on us. Never stopped loving us. Momma YOU are my best-friend.

Thank you. Thank you for everything you have ever done for my brother, sister and I. I am thankful and grateful to have you as OUR mother. I love the way my son runs to you after he gets hurt. The bond you have with him will never be replaced. I love it when he asked for you through-out the day. I know it is not mothers day. But to me everyday is mothers day to you. The bond you and i have will never be replaced. Neither will the bond you, my sister and I have.

Momma I love that you make days for us girls. We got out to watch movies and out for dinner. I love that you are the loudest laughter in the movie theater and you don’t care because its our day. I love that you crack up on your own jokes ha! Guess what, I am starting to do it too! I love that you take us out for a spa day. YOU make time for us. I love you.

  Mom, Crown Yourself Momma. 

Love, Your first child


18 thoughts on “A letter to my mother ♥

  1. Beautiful! I am who I am because of my mom. It is so wonderful to watch her interact with my little one and feel the love in the room. She made me the strong, determined and successful woman I am today.

  2. I have lost a lot of people in my short life. But nothing compares to losing my grandma (who raised me). It hurts today like it did when she left 3 years ago! Beautiful post!

  3. Aww….I can’t stop crying…. what a sweet wonderful mama you have!!! It’s only 6 am here but I’m calling my mama RIGHT now!!!

  4. What a beautiful letter to your mom! Aren’t they just amazing human beings!? This brought me back to the day I had my first born and just thinking how did she did it all on her own. So grateful for moms like ours.

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