Because together we are one

Hey there, I want to talk to you about marriage. Yeah, I know everyone has their own perspective on how to look at a marriage. Well I am going to tell you MY view on how I look at MY marriage. Know that we are not perfect, we have our arguments and our joyful days. Are you ready? I am want to let you see a marriage through my eyes.

Love is a choice


Our love isn’t a force, we chose to love each other. It takes two. We go out our ways to fill each others needs. There should be no fear in love. When we where in high school my husband now, went out of his way just to bring me lunch. Know that we did not go the same school. Get this our schools were revels to each other! We took risk to fall in love with each other.

Goals in relationship

I was never that little girl who dreamed a big castle wedding. Although, I do have a dream home and it is not cheap. My son and husband right there with me living the reality of my dream home. It wont be perfect with out my family right there by my side. As a married couple all I want is to be married to my husband for a life time, life time of happiness and for us to become one. Putting God first in our marriage.


Five love languages

I have learned in our marriage the words “I love you” can never be over said.

  1. Touch – Affection
  2. Act of service – Help me
  3. Gifts – Show me you know me
  4. Quality time – Your undivided attention
  5. Words of affirmation – Sincerely appreciated

Going on dates have helped us. We talk and get to know each other all over again. We discus on our needs and prevent future arguments.

John 4:8

8 Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.

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48 thoughts on “Because together we are one

  1. I love this post, thank you for sharing! I’m always interest in learning more about the five love languages and communication with my husband. He is in the military and away a lot so communication is incredibly important for us to maintain a healthy marriage.

  2. Great post! I remember how eye opening it was for me to learn about the love languages and how sometimes you do something that you think will make your spouse feel loved and they don’t feel loved (or might even feel annoyed). It doesn’t take that long to figure out your love languages and it just makes things so much easier!

  3. I love your 5 love languages! Every couple needs a post it with those on it to look at every morning when they are brushing their teeth.

    1. That is such a good idea I usually write little dorky notes for my husband to see in the mornings. Since he wakes up before me 🙂


  4. Love is absolutely a choice! Even though having kids has definitely changed our relationship, I do my best to show my partner how much I appreciate him The little things add up!

  5. How beautiful! I think if I wrote about my relationship a lot of people would be confused lol. I might be able to make some changes and start working more on being a better partner, you guys look so happy together! I want to feel like that before we actually get married. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Marriage is the hardest job, but it gives you the best reward! Great post! I love how your husband did so much for you in high school! How sweet!

  7. this is beautiful, and i hope that if i ever have the chance to be married, my unoin can be as blessed at yours, the last verse john, I love it, it ended your post powerfully! i will keep in mind the the 5 love languages! i pray your marriage stays blessed x

    1. My husband and I usually try to put our son to sleep early so we can have some alone time an actually have a conversation with out any interruptions.

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