Our family art night!

Thinking about what to do as a family night with the kiddos? Any ideas on what to do to keep the family entertained? Then maybe you my friend are in the same boat I was in other day. I want to let you know what we did as family night with paint. Yeah, paint! Let me tellRead more

Salt water fishing with my husband

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water yet the oceans remain a mystery for the scientist. I have always been around my dad whether its with cars. animals sports games or fishing I’m right next to him. Anyways, my dad was the first one who thought me how to fish. Fresh water lakes and pondsRead more

Salt water fishing with a toddler

  My husband and I do a lot of trips down to the coast. We live in Texas, so from us to the coast (Port Aransas Tx) is about a 3-4 hours drive. We like to visit Rock Port Tx, Corpus Christi Tx and Port Aransas Tx. They are all near each other. Fishing isRead more

Superhero Birthday Party planning

Planning a birthday party during the summer can get hectic especially during June. Rainy Month. I began wrecking my brains out on what should be done, inside or outdoors. Planning a party for a big family is not easy. We have a rather large extended family and many friends with multiples. So our guest listRead more

Hiking with a toddler

I used to do some hiking before I had my son. Now that I have a kid it’s a bit difficult and different. I do plan on doing it more often. Once he gets a little bit older to be able to hike hills. Hiking is such a freeing activity and cheap too!   Recently,Read more