SAHM morning routine 

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Good morning momma!

Hey there thank you for stopping by on “when a SAHM blogs”. No matter who you are, you need some boost to keep you going for the day.

One hour or two head start

Waking up before the little ones wake up gives you time to breath and take on the day. Guess what? You get to eat whatever you want for breakfast and no ones is watching you! If your kiddos are anything like mine they will ask you for a bite from your plate.

Social media 

I get on get on my website to see if there’s anything I need to tweak on. Facebook, twitter, Pinterest and google are my go to, to promote my blog. I spend about an hour and a half commenting on others and sharing my post.


Running out of time!

This time of day goes by FAST. So remember, CrownYourselfMomma this is your time.

  • Stay in bed and not do a thing (My favorite)
  • Finish reading your book
  • Write a new post for your blog or start on it
  • Get a head start on laundry
  • Watch your tv shows without any interruption
  • Drink more coffee

My time is up!! See you again during nap time. Don’t forget, CrownYourselfMomma.


29 thoughts on “SAHM morning routine 

  1. I do get up before my kids but we start our homeschool day at 6 AM so it doesn’t give me much to do things before they are awake. I usually take some time for myself in the afternoon during nap time when we are done with school. I really enjoy my “me time” to read and blog and even work out.

  2. This is a great list. I’ma working mom, but can still relate. I try to get up an hour earlier and also stay up later to work on my blog/social media, etc. Maybe someday my blogging life will become my full-time job besides being Mama? (A mom can dream!)

  3. I try to get a 2 hour head start, It used to be an hour but my daughter has been waking a different times lately. Getting a head start definitely make the day run smoother. On days when I sleep in, nothing gets done lol.

  4. haha. I already like to get up before the hubby to work on my blog, so I am sure it will even be more that way once we have kids! I love the morning anyway, so it’s not too bad to get up early.

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