Salt water fishing with my husband

About 70% of the Earth’s surface is covered with water yet the oceans remain a mystery for the scientist.

I have always been around my dad whether its with cars. animals sports games or fishing I’m right next to him. Anyways, my dad was the first one who thought me how to fish. Fresh water lakes and ponds to salt water. Now I am blessed and found me a man who loves to fish more than I do! I love that my dad invites my husband to fishing trips, Kind of jealous but its a good thing my husband and dad get along well.

Fishing is our family thing! Being by the ocean is an amazing relaxing feeling. Yes I believe in mermaids LOL I know it is silly but that is okay.


From sun up keep on fishing….

couple of catches
still fishing
fish.. fish.. fish..
I got hungry haha Fresh shrimp
back to fishing…
keep on fishing!….
To sun down! Night fishing 🙂

Our routine when we go fishing.

  1. wake up routine
  2. leading … fishing pole, waters, snacks and vehicles and anything else we may need
  3. get breakfast usually donuts 🙂
  4. stop for bait
  5. fish till maybe around 5 or 6
  6. lunch/ dinner.
  7. get more bait before bait shops close and anything else we may need
  8. fish till night time and mean time ill run to get more snacks and drinks
  9. keep on fishing till we get tired or sleepy
  10. head back to our campsite or where we are staying for that trip.

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19 thoughts on “Salt water fishing with my husband

  1. I think its so amazing that you have that relationship with your Dad, I never knew what that is and it’s sad really. I am happy that other people have that bit of their hearts fulfilled 🙂 Thankfully, I also have a men beside me that will never allow for his baby girl to know what that is and that is amazing 🙂

    1. Lydia, it could be something yall both can do together! It will be LONG day, not going to lie. LONG! Also it gets more exciting when you start to catch them. But when y’all do go fishing… pretty please let me know how it goes! I would love to read about it

    1. Hey there Beth 🙂 what beach are going to visit? We love fishing we salt water fish about 2 times a month. Enjoy your trip!

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