Salt water fishing with a toddler


My husband and I do a lot of trips down to the coast. We live in Texas, so from us to the coast
(Port Aransas Tx) is about a 3-4 hours drive. We like to visit Rock Port Tx, Corpus Christi Tx and
Port Aransas Tx. They are all near each other. Fishing is our family thing every spring break, summer,
Fall, my husbands birthday and every occasion that we fill it needs to be near the salt water we
are on the road!

Thinking about making a trip to the beach?
Let me tell you about our experience..



Is this going to be your first time taking your toddler/kid to fish?
Lest make it easy..

Make sure you have all the fishing gear you need such as…

• Kid Fishing pole
• Bait
• Line
• Kids tackle box


Make sure you have all that you need for your toddler(s)/kid(s)

• Sunscreen
• Light clothes
• Shades
• Snacks
• First aid kit
• Extra pair of clothes about 10 pairs just incase depending on how long the stay.
• Shoes
• Towels
• Coolers to keep drinks and snacks cool
• Sand bucket toys!!!!

Depending on how far the beach is to you (if your traveling by vehicle) YOU WILL NEED TO MAKE
A FEW PIT STOPS! There is no way a kid can stay put in the car seat for a very long time and not want
To pee. Lol! Well at least not my wild child 🙂
• Pit stops
Snack break or go by a drive thru


Are you planning on staying one night maybe a weekend or a week? 


You will need to find a hotel,
beach house, camp site if you brought a tent or a RV maybe you will want to sleep in your vehicle.
We’ve done it all!


Are you planning on eating out or grilling your own food?

• You will need your accesidits for your own meals
• There are plenty of Restaurants near the coast.

Let your child/kids have fun! Let them get used to a the new place. They might not like fishing maybe
They will. Ones that’s done show them how to fish that’s when the excitement comes! And let me tell
You…. You will have to be patient momma and show the little ones how to be patient and enjoy the
Beautiful view. Sunset and sunrise are my favorite to admire the view!

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This wild child of mine caught the biggest fish out of all of us that night! Sure wish I had a that
Picture 🙂
Yes my son is not perfect his attention spam is like the length of an Ant, Lol. He wanted to get in the water just like any other kid. Enjoy your time with your love ones let them have the night of their lives to pass on the amazing stories!

Enjoy your fishing time with your toots, memories to make and stories to tell.

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14 thoughts on “Salt water fishing with a toddler

  1. My 18-month-old daughter would love this, and I’m sure my husband will want to take her on a fishing trip within the next year or two. Great tips! I’m glad the list isn’t too long because it can be overwhelming packing for a baby or toddler!

    1. Right! That would be awesome if your husband takes your little out for fishing, my dad and husband are planning a trip with just the guys and talking about taking my son with them! I’m sure he will love it!! I want to hear all about it when your husband takes her out to fish:)

  2. Aww! This looks like SO much fun! I would love to take my oldest fishing, but just haven’t gone yet. My dad bought my son a fishing pole for his birthday last year, so we definitely need to use it soon!! I grew up fishing with my dad and they are some of my favorite memories as a child.

    1. What!!! That’s awesome, good for him. Definitely have to take him fishing! I would love to see pictures of his reaction of catching a fish! I love fishing we have to take multiple trips to fish one for family fishing vacation and the other trip just for my husband and I!

    1. That’s amazingI’m so glad they did, how did they do? Any cool pictures of the little ones fishing or catching a fish? Let us know. Would love to hear about it 🙂

  3. Wow, there’s a lot to think about! We’ve been wanting to take our kids for a few years now. What a great list I would have never thought of half of this stuff!

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