This is your journey

Living with kids is tough Whether you are a working or a stay at home momma. You know, that beautiful baby you created or asked for! Yeah, the one that is staring at you. The one that frustrates you till you can’t take anymore yet still manages to put a smile on you face! Those preciousRead more

SAHM morning routine 

Good morning momma! Hey there thank you for stopping by on “when a SAHM blogs”. No matter who you are, you need some boost to keep you going for the day. One hour or two head start Waking up before the little ones wake up gives you time to breath and take on the day. GuessRead more

Superhero Birthday Party planning

Planning a birthday party during the summer can get hectic especially during June. Rainy Month. I began wrecking my brains out on what should be done, inside or outdoors. Planning a party for a big family is not easy. We have a rather large extended family and many friends with multiples. So our guest listRead more