This is your journey

Living with kids is tough

Whether you are a working or a stay at home momma. You know, that beautiful baby you created or asked for! Yeah, the one that is staring at you. The one that frustrates you till you can’t take anymore yet still manages to put a smile on you face! Those precious little people who give you headaches and keep you up at night. They often make you doubt your sanity also adore you and loves you more than anything. You have been giving one of the most absolute beautiful gift of the world. Is being a momma that beautiful child of yours. This is your journey and no one else. Embrace it. Know that you are perfect. Your kids aren’t perfect so love each other in this messy thing we call life! Understand how hard you work for yourself and your kids. CrownYourselfMomma keep going, you got this!

If you are having trouble making time for yourself please check out my page called When a SAHM blogs take this and use to your schedule.

Being a mom is your journey 

Sometimes I get caught up in stress over what I see everyone else doing as a mom. I worry regarding why I can’t be so perfect like them. I have to bring myself back down to my world and remember that I am already a good mom. All moms go through the doubt motherhood. I worry a lot if I’m doing it the “right” way. I want to remind you that motherhood is not the same journey for everyone.

So salute that mother you see walking like a zombie or the mother that has her head high. Either way we are all mother and we are all doing the best we can.

Keep going Momma

There are some days that I feel like I’m running a marathon and some days I’m just a walking zombie. My to-do-list feels like weeks long worth. Breakfast, Laundry-Folding, Dishes, Daily activities, Running errands, Cleaning day in day out, Cooking-Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner, Bath time, and finally the longest part of the day. Getting the kids to SLEEP! Take some time after the long day and reward yourself. YOU deserve it. CrownYourselfMomma! 


You got this momma put that crown on! 

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21 thoughts on “This is your journey

  1. It’s hard sometimes to remember that this was the life I wanted when it’s overwhelming and kids are driving me crazy. At the same time, I can’t imagine a world without them and their sweet faces. It’s definitely a journey.

    1. Heather, exactly! I feel the same way, would not know how my life would be if i didn’t have my little one by my side. Embrace and take on!


  2. You are right. We all know there is much reward, but the days can be long and extremely challenging at times. Self-care is a must, and the hardest thing sometimes to schedule and actually pull off. I like that link you shared to the SAHM blog – it’s great.

  3. Great advice. Being a mom is a journey. Too often I get caught up in all of the things I think I must get done, when in reality my most important job is raising my kids. I have to make myself remember that spending time to help mold them into good people is way more important than a clean kitchen!

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