What to know about hiking with a toddler



I used to do some hiking before I had my son. Now that I have a kid it’s a bit difficult and different. I do plan on doing it more often. Once he gets a little bit older to be able to hike hills. Hiking is such a freeing activity and cheap too!


Recently, my son and I took a trip up one of our nearby paths. Figured I would tell you guys about hiking with a toddler! As with everything else when it comes to kids. You need to be prepared and everything will go smoothly (says no mother ever). Ha!


Being prepared is key!

Make sure to also bring your usual change of clothing for kids, diapers, wipes, safety whistles for each child and snacks plenty of water.

Please wear comfortable shoes and clothes. Hats if you like. Light outfit.


Keep it easy and short the first few times.

Kids tend to get bored while doing the same thing for too long. Make sure to make the adventure fun and short for the first few times. They will be sure to want to go back for more! For you momma/ dad, you could bring a stroller or a body carrier. If you’re keeping it short for the few times. Let them get used to it


Rotate leaders

As your children get older, they will want to take turns leading the pack! Be sure to let everyone have a turn at it. Make sure to get a map of your hiking location. After you get used to hiking with your kids. You can also see if they would like to bring friends along for the adventure.


Plan for frequent stops

Make sure to take several water breaks so that the kids can rest. Have a drink or snack near you if they need it. Remember, they arenโ€™t as physically strong as we are yet. It takes a lot more for the kids to hike then it does for us adults!


First Aid Checklist:

  • Sunscreen
  • Childrenโ€™s Tylenol and Motrin
  • Band-Aids
  • Tweezers (can be used to remove splinters or for other tasks)
  • Anti-bacterial wipes
  • Epipen (if you or your child has allergies)
  • Ace Wrap

Enjoy your hike with your toddler!

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  1. I can imagine my child wanting to stop for a long period to play in the sand and with the leaves. But like you said, boredom can also come easily. I need to take my toddler for a hike. Great idea this.

    1. If you’re not too sure about it do a short hike maybe like a 2-4 mile pavement or gravel so you can take your stroller or a carry on in case your little gets tired. Like a test run! Good luck on your first hike, please let me know how it goes ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Thanks for the tips for a great family activity. I remember taking my toddler and forgetting how long the route was, he was stopping and rubbing his legs, it was very cute. I think I even got a sleep out of him that afternoon

  3. Awesome tips!!…I try to go hiking with my toddler and all she wants to do is pick up rocks and sticks every 2 feet!! ahah

  4. You are a brave mama! David would run in the wilderness and probably find the only poisonious creature out there ๐Ÿคฃ I’ll save this for when he’s a little more mellow. Great advice!!!

  5. This looks like a fantastic activity to do! Thank you for this informative post. I might just attempt this. My eldest is 4 years currently (more preschooler than toddler ).

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